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Headquartered in the vibrant heart of Houston, TX, stands Adams Davy—a visionary brand activation firm that has been illuminating the industry landscape since 1993.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have been crafting transformative Event, Entertainment, and Experiential solutions that resonate deeply with audiences. Our purpose is clear: to nurture empowerment, embrace inclusivity, and inspire individual growth, all contributing to the tapestry of a brighter and more promising tomorrow.

Distinguished by our accolades and a coveted Emmy® nomination, we approach each endeavor as an opportunity to create meaningful connections. By skillfully engaging your target audience, we not only captivate their attention but also leave an indelible mark of positive transformation. At Adams Davy, we don’t just curate experiences; we shape moments that enrich lives and elevate aspirations.

Read below to understand the mission, vision and values we abide by.

Our Mission

The Adams Davy Mission is to curate and deliver innovative engagement experiences of unparalleled professionalism. Our commitment ensures substantial returns for clients, sponsors, vendors, and stakeholders, while also uplifting the communities that graciously play host to our events.

Vision Statement

We empower and inspire dedicated creatives to gain and maintain their financial freedoms while engaged in the passion that reveals their purpose.

Our Approach

• We deliver certainty
• We are organized and productive
• We are committed to exceeding client expectations
• We always look for a more effective way to do things
• We listen, we talk, we learn and we share
• We maintain superior customer service
• We leverage our associations and partnerships
• We provide a single point of contact
• We over-communicate
• We are committed to quality and transparency
• We are committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Core Values


Strategic Partners

We seek to understand clients’ goals, objectives, and values
We pride ourselves on becoming part of our client’s teams
Value is added through the entire deliverables process
We deliver flexible and imaginative solutions
We deliver quantifiable analytics that measures our results
We build long-term relationships

Community Outreach

Adams Davy is committed to engaging the communities that play host to our events by providing leadership, community service, and culturally diverse programming that bring together students from around the world to impact and inspire their communities through events, entertainment and experiential engagements designed to inspire and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Namesake

Adams Davy, the namesake echoing James Adams and Edna Davy, holds a special heartwarming spot in the family tree of our founder, Tony Smith. James and Edna, his loving grandparents, played a huge part in nurturing their grandson’s dreams, sparking his passions, and guiding him on this incredible adventure in the entertainment world.

The constant inspiration and support Tony received from James and Edna became the driving energy behind his amazing career, which now spans over 35 awesome years. Let’s never underestimate how powerful encouragement can be – it has the magic to change lives and shape destinies in ways we can’t even imagine.

Our History

Tony Smith embarked on his journey into the entertainment industry in 1993, laying the foundation for what would evolve into a remarkable enterprise, originally known as Round Rock Entertainment, nestled in the heart of Round Rock, TX. Over the years, this visionary entrepreneur seamlessly integrated his passion with the expertise of Artista Services, a distinguished PR and marketing powerhouse, in 2005. This transformative merger led to the birth of Adams Davy—a name resonating with heritage and innovation, paying homage to Tony’s beloved grandparents, while symbolizing our expanded prowess as a premier event marketing and production entity.

The watershed year of 2012 marked a defining milestone when we were entrusted with a pivotal role in the esteemed London Summer Olympics. A mere two years later, in 2014, our prowess garnered global recognition as we were chosen to contribute our unparalleled services to the illustrious FIFA World Cup held in Brazil.

Today, Adams Davy stands as a beacon of excellence, orchestrating brand activations that span the continents, enriching the fabric of sporting events, political conventions, and entertainment spectacles. Our portfolio boasts an array of high-profile companies and esteemed brands that have embraced our unique ability to captivate and engage audiences, thus bolstering their organizational stature.

The privilege of being trusted by these distinguished entities is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled audience engagement. As we look ahead, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you, weaving together your aspirations with our ingenuity to create an even more extraordinary future.


Adams Davy Process.

Since 1993 we have guided our clients through the four stages of brand effectiveness:


Our position in the industry is a testament to a team of the most experienced and dedicated managers and support staff who provide award winning services and solutions to our clients, affiliates and stakeholders.

Global Reach.

Adams Davy is headquartered in Houston, TX with production offices in New York and Los Angeles. We also have access to on the ground production resources in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, London, Paris, Rome, Sydney, South Africa, Auckland, Tokyo and Shanghai.


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