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Brand Strategy & Development

If you want to grow, you’re going to need a plan. Adams Davy can deliver a clear, new strategy built on key business insights with our Ignite™ Brand Strategy & Development process.
Do you need re-branding? A new advertising campaign? How can we shape a winning marketing plan that’s just right for your business? Adams Davy Ignite™ is the first step wherever your plan takes you.

The IGNITE Process:

Ignite begins with a deep dive into your marketing, advertising, and sales methods. We’ll get together for a workshop where your key stakeholders sit side-by-side with our strategy team. We’ll collect data and insights about your business. Our team will take everything we learn during Ignite and shape your new marketing strategy to meet the challenges you face today.


Critical thinking precedes our creativity. We understand the market and your place in it. Then, we translate insights into action: establishing a strategy to drive your brand forward.

• Discovery + Research
• Brand Audit + Evaluation
• Analysis + Positioning
• Strategy + Workshops

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We help you uncover your purpose and realize your brand’s unique identity. Then we bring it to life, creating messaging and design that uplifts.

• Naming + Logomarks
• Purpose + Brand Story
• Messaging + Architecture
• Culture + Internal Brand Statements
• Visual Look + Feel

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We give you the tools you need to inspire (and align) your team and engage your audience, making sure your brand shines at every touch point.

•Style Guide, Assets + Templates
•Reveal + Rollout
•Branded Content + Collateral
•Packaging Design
•Web Design
•Copywriting + Communication

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